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Physical Security


Network/Infrastructure Security


Application/Mobile Security



July 2017 – Present

Penetration Tester

Charter Communications

Responsibilities include:

  • Perform internal and external penetration tests against corporate web applications, network infrastructure, Windows, *nix variants, and Android to discover and exploit vulnerabilities
  • Create comprehensive and accurate penetration testing reports with recommendations for appropriate remediation
  • Collaborate with platform owners in a consultative manner to work toward remediation of the issues identified in testing
  • Develop scripts, tools, and methodologies to enhance the penetration testing processes & overall security posture
  • Create the penetration testing team’s processes and documentation
  • Perform regular maintenance of documentation and provide process improvements to the penetration testing processes on a regular basis
  • Perform well known and proof of concept exploitation techniques
  • Create new chained methods for the exploitation and post exploitation process to better illustrate the value of identified vulnerabilities
  • Provided findings to leadership and aid in the appropriate prioritization of what is discovered
  • Provide a better understanding of the risk and financial impact associated with each finding in terms that are meaningful to senior leadership
June 2014 – July 2017
Saint Louis, MO

Senior Security Analyst

Enterprise Holdings Inc.

Conduct in depth analysis in large scale or critical investigations.


GPEN GIAC Penetration Tester


Nov 2016

GIAC SANS Advisory Board Member


I was invited to the GIAC SANS advisory board as a result of my performance on the SANS GPEN certification test. This advisory board is a panel to discuss formal issues directly related to GIAC and SANS business such as training and certification.
Dec 2015

BSidesSTL Co-Founder


Bringing together the interested and the connected.



ITIL 2011


Jul 2013

31337 80X Founder

Community Education Facilitators d/b/a/ 3133780X

31337 80X (Elite Box) is dedicated to reaching and serving our community. We strive to learn and grow in our understanding of computer science and information security. We then invest in our community by sharing what we learn in the form of public events, conferences, private classes, etc. Elite Box is dedicated to developing a community with access to information, tools, skills, and personal development opportunities. We have a passion to create, to learn, to teach, to grow, and to help people!

CompTIA Security+


Recent Publications

Librem 5 - Theft Prevention & Remote Administration Tool

Attack Team Automation Tool - for automating penetration testing operations with industry standard tools.

Past, Recent, & Upcoming Talks

This talk is about the Attack Team Automation Tool [ATAT]. 3N|GmA wrote this tool to create repeatability and increase efficiency in …

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BSidesSTL Event Showcase


Lock picking demonstrations and physical security instruction provided at Showmecon & BSidesSTL each year. Physical Security courses are available upon request for your private or public institutions. Reach out to 3n1gma@3133780x.com.

I have provided physical security training courses at:

  • Showmecon 2015-Present
  • BSidesSTL 2016-Present
  • Fontbonne University
  • Private session in the Hacker University training room at the Parameter Security office