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31337 80X (pronounced Elite-Box) is a local, education focused, organization dedicated to inspiring creators and bringing accessible education to our community.

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Red Team Lead, Penetration Tester, BSidesSTL Co-Founder, 31337 80X (Elite Box) Founder

31337 80X / BSidesSTL

3N|GmA is a lifelong security addict/enthusiast who began his journey back in the days of AOL 2.0/2.5, LuciferX, Methodus Toolz, Lethal Fragment, sub7, etc. He was instantly “Addicted from the start and it wasn’t endin’ soon”. 3N|GmA developed a passion for penetration testing, red teaming, and learning how to make things work; especially things that were never designed to work. Fast forward through times better left undocumented; and as a result, he became a full time red team lead, penetration tester, co-founder of BSidesSTL, and lock pick village guy thanks to hard work, dedication, and our wonderful community.


Physical Security


Network/Infrastructure Security


Application/Mobile Security


Wireless Security


Computer Hacking





Red Team Lead
May 2019 – Present <redacted>

Responsibilities include:

  • Threat Emulation
  • Leadership
  • Program Development & Management
BSidesSTL Co-Founder
December 2015 – Present
Bringing together the interested and the connected.
31337 80X
31337 80X Founder
July 2013 – Present
31337 80X (Elite Box) is dedicated to reaching and serving our community. We strive to learn and grow in our understanding of computer science and information security. We then invest in our community by sharing what we learn in the form of public events, conferences, private classes, etc. Elite Box is dedicated to developing a community with access to information, tools, skills, and personal development opportunities. We have a passion to create, to learn, to teach, to grow, and to help people!
Charter Communications
Attack & Penetration Team Lead
July 2017 – May 2019 Missouri
Led the attack and penetration team where I automated a significant portion of the team’s day to day operations. Wrote the Attack Team Automation Tool to increase consistency, repeatability, and the reduce human error in, and simplify, penetration testing operations.
Enterprise Holdings Inc.
Senior Security Analyst
June 2014 – July 2017 Missouri

Responsibilities include:

  • Blue Team
  • Cybercrime Investigations
  • System Forensics


Certified Red Team Operator
Practical in-depth hands on red team
See certificate
Offensive Security Wireless Professional
Practical in-depth hands on wireless hacking course
See certificate
SANS Security 560 Certified Penetration Tester
In-depth full featured penetration testing course
See certificate
SANS Security 560 Capture the Flag Challenge Coin
Won the coveted SANS SEC560 challenge coin in an on-site SANS hosted competition against competitors from numerous organizations, including critical infrastructure, FBI, and the corporate sector.
GIAC SANS Advisory Board Member
I was invited to the GIAC SANS advisory board as a result of my performance on the SANS GPEN certification test. This advisory board is a panel to discuss formal issues directly related to GIAC and SANS business such as training and certification


Hot Jones Hijack
Librem 5 - Theft Prevention & Remote Administration Tool with *nix Post Exploitation Capabilities
The Making of ch0mps
The Making of ch0mps - How the Bitcoin Crash Facilitated the Making of an Affordable Monster
Attack Team Automation Tool (ATAT)
Attack Team Automation Tool - for automating penetration testing operations with industry standard tools.

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